welcome to floret group
Floret International Trade Consulting Limitedis a leading international Trade Consultant and service provider. Our specialised market is China & India.Floret International Trade Consulting Limited is a unique organization that not only provides theoretical consultancy to its customers but also assists with the practical implementations. If required by our customers, we are prepared to take educated risks relating to financial implications resulting
from international trading activities. Additional value added services such as sourcing and domestic marketing of client products prove to be very useful for our customers.

Each member of the Floret contributes with their expertise, commitment, time and energy, in order to collect and maintain comprehensive databases of suppliers, and keep themselves updated with important information relating to import/export policies and procedures. Our consultants are well trained with extensive experience and professionally analyze numerous products assessing their viability for the Indian market whilst strategizing profitable launches. As a global entity, Floret maintains essential contacts in many countries around the world and is capable of handling clients and requirements worldwide.


China, being a major exporter to the world, plays a pivotal role in global trade. As a result, we have established ourselves with in the major industrial cities of china and operate multiple offices. Our effort towards building relationships with Chinese manufacturers allows us to successfully overcome the complexities of International Trade especially for small/mid-size traders, budding entrepreneurs and even big enterprises in India and around the world.


Floret believes in absolute transparency in its procedures and guarantees on-time delivery for time bound services. Today, “FLORET”, has successfully established itself and has become a respectful entity associated with countless Indian importers as well as overseas suppliers. Our group organization has been honored as the First recruitment agent of India for the “International pavilion” of China’s biggest and most reputed “CANTON TRADE FAIR” organized by the China Foreign trade Centre.