Business Opportunities
Liberalised economic policies of Indian Government and looking into the growing opportunities in the field of international trading. “FLORET INTERNATIONAL TRADE CONSULTING LIMITED” was established by a group of professional persons, having strong hold on the legal & financial matters involved in the field of International Trading, since our inception we tried to thoroughly analyze the various products of different countries and collected the vast information abut their suppliers, prices, market demand, custom duties and selling network.
And now we are sharing our Expertization with our Prestigious Suppliers & Buyers. We feel pleasure to inform you that just because of our transparent, trust worthy & time bond services today we are already working with numerous companies of different countries and now we are well organized to handle any kind of import related work through our growing own offices Franchisees & other tie-ups in India and Abroad.

Desirable Floret representative (franchisees) profile

  • Professionals to work preferentially with international trade, customs clearance, administrative or commercial law and accounting all back hand support will be given by floret.
  • Professionals who can make use of a large business network in their region.
  • The representatives and their employees will receive an initial training in Head office at Gurgaon.
  • The constant updates and subsequent training will be ministered via web.

Floret Representative (franchisees) Activities

Activities assigned to Floret representatives are:

  • Attract new clients for industrial and non industrial items.
  • Recruit entrepreneurs to join the business missions / international trade fairs.
  • Plan, schedule and execute lectures and seminars to promote Floret’s services in their region, all catalogue/ presentation material & professional trade orator will be provide by Floret.
  • Develop strategic tie-ups with professional / trade associations in the region.

Important points for work operations:

  • For each one of their represented business, Floret sets up a professional team to give support to the representative, which will be coordinated by an independent management.
  • Floret’s team in charge of each area will run all the operational functions for both business activities. The enterprises recruited by the representative will have their accounts managed either by Floret team in Gurgaon, or by another regional office appointed by the headquarters.
  • The representative will be coordinated directly by Floret China office or a local office, and his main purpose is to serve as a link between Floret and clients and local market partners.
  • Upon signing the contract with a prospected client, the representative will have the right to receive its corresponding commission. If during the time this contract is valid.
  • A prospect will only be considered a client once all the necessary documentation is sent and approved by the board of directors in head office
  • For the maintenance of the client base, the representative shall observe and be proactive to increase the volume of purchases made by his clients. This review will be carried out for each 12 months since the signing of the contract.
  • The payment of commissions will be made until the fifth working day of each month through bank transfer. The amount paid shall be proportional to the total received by the clients in the representative’s client base during the previous month, which is conditioned to Floret’s receipt of this total. Therefore, the representative’s assistance in avoiding default from his clients is essential and will be required whenever necessary.

Floret’s representatives Commission System

Commissions vary according to the following representation modalities:

  • Direct representation by indication – no need for a physical office
  • Direct representation using representative’s physical office and own company’ Brand
  • Direct representation using consultant’s physical office and Floret’s brand under license


To share the expertisation of this field, we are looking for well established, reputed & qualified persons to be appointed as our counterpart at different locations.

  • A fixed commission of total turnover will be paid to our franchisee.
  • A fixed amount will be charged as non refundable security deposit from the franchisee.
  • We will provide all kind of technical support relating to Emport & Export.
  • A nominal amount of security deposit will be charged from the franchisee.
  • For further Detail, contact to our head office