Industrial Services

Floret Industrial Services (FIS) is one of the leading reliable names in industrial world for providing one of the most comprehensive suites of technical consulting services. We have a full fledge of highly qualified Technical Consultants, Engineers, Economist and Technologists specialized in various disciplines and we take great pride in working as a team, and share the common goal of exceeding excellence. We at FIS are dedicated with passion and enthusiasm for helping young entrepreneurs is

a real encouragement to proceed with a business start-up right from providing basic information to technology evaluation, sourcing and assimilation of detailed project reports, market survey studies and research through our advanced Industrial, Business and Commercial Databases.

We at FIS want to grow with you by providing solutions scale to suit your new operations and help you reduce risk and give a high return on application investments.

  • FIS systematic approach includes

    » Thorough analysis of the project

    » Requirement collection

    » Plan all logistical requirement and resources

    » Details on capital and operational costs

    » Economic feasibility study of the project

    » Profile analysis

    » Market survey & research

    » Funding analysis

    » Market potential study

  • FIS Pre-feasibility report includes

    » Market review

    » Current and future potential

    » Details on capital and operational costs and first level break-downs of these costs

    » Details on the possible technologies availability in India and abroad

    » Additional feasibility details such as land, raw material, energy resource availability

    » Bottlenecks & barriers