A to Z Services
  • A – Sourcing
  • The foremost job is to source the product. You may provide us the basic information and specifications about the product through a mail or otherwise, and we shall source your product through our marketing network. However, you may source your product through our categorized product range at our site or the various sites floated by Chinese companies as well as other Chinese selling portals.
  • B – Inspection
  • We may undertake inspection of goods by our staff on your direction or we may appoint technical Chinese government approved inspection agency if required by paying their FEE as RITES in India.
  • C – Buying
  • Ans: Once you have sourced the product or it is an already sourced product, we shall act as a buying agent for you. The communication between you and your supplier shall be directed but through us. You shall inform your supplier about us. We shall pay the price to your supplier in China and shall procure the goods from your suppliers for shipment after carrying out the inspection instructions given by you.
  • D – Inland transportation
  • The inland transportation is being taken care by your suppler but if required then we can take care of this aspect also. We will receive the goods from your supplier in our warehouses.
  • E – Custom clearance in China
  • Custom clearance in China is our responsibility and we completely take care of this. There is no custom duty on export from China only few negligible clearance changes are taken which we include in shipping changes.
  • F – Shipping
  • Shipping the goods is our main duty. We hire containers and load your goods in that and charge you as per the volume and weight of your goods.
  • G – Shipment tracking
  • The container number and other codes of reference along with the details of shipping lines and website addresses shall be provided to you so that you could track down the course of your goods off-shore (sea) and on-shore (land). The same shall be applicable for air shipment.
  • H – Custom clearance in India
  • Our counterpart franchises provides these service, if you require you can contact us or directly to them.
  • I – Indian customs and excise tariffs
  • The customs rules and regulation can be read at the below mentioned website
  • J – Trade Policies
  • The whole of the import trade from China is governed through WTO agreements entered upon between 52 countries around the world. The details of the same can be seen from the website mentioned below.

  • K – Knowledge about FEMA
  • You have to recite the payment either directly to your supplier. If you need our service then this can be discussed.
  • L – Provisions of VAT/CST
  • This is only applicable if you get LCL or part load through our franchise.
  • M – Travel to China information
  • If you wish to travel to China, all information with regard VISA formalities (i.e. invitation, securing VISA from Chinese embassy), ticketing, travel schedule, etc. shall be arranged by us.

  • R – Knowledge about taxation in China
  • There are almost no stringent taxation laws in China. Whatever laws are applicable are complied with, by us for the benefit of our customers. However, if someone wishes to setup business in China then the laws are to be complied with which are defined in our other section (setting up business in China)
  • S – Information about SEZ
  • China has divided its business zones into SEZ (Special Economical Zones). For details visit the following sites:

  • T – Currency Details
  • The Renminbi is the official currency of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It is the legal tender in mainland China, but not in Hong Kong and Macau. It is abbreviated as RMB, and the units for the Renminbi are the Yuan, Jiao, and Fen (1 Yuan = 10 Jiao = 100 Fen).

    Hong Kong and Macau have their own monetary policies and currencies, the Hong Kong dollar and the Macanese pataca, respectively, that may not necessarily be compatible with the renminbi.


  • Q – Travelling facilities
  • We cater to all the travelling needs of our customers from India to China and back, if required by the customer. It includes ticket booking (in India and China), Inland travelling in China (by air, road, railway or any other mode of transportation) and also provide any other relevant information and facilities desired by the customer.
    About Chinese Currency: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_currency

    World Exchange Rates: http://icurrency.net/passport/currency/currency.html

    Currency Convertor: http://www.gocurrency.com

  • U – Entertainment in China
  • Entertainments in China are the example of perfect blend of modernity and cultural heritage. China offers large means of entertainment that not only provide entertainment and fun but also generate tourism for China.

    China has distinctly marked entertainment centres for the entertainment of tourists as well as for the nationals. Entertainment and Business Complex in the Kowloon has over 200 shops, 27 restaurants and an 11-screen cinema multiplex for the entertainment purpose. For details visit the following websites:


  • V – Roads/air/railway info of China
  • Chinese main land is very well connected by road, railways and airlines. For details visit the below websites:

  • W- Distance map of China
  • You can calculate distance between various cities in China using the below website:
  • X – Trade fairs in China
  • You may see the relevant information about the major trade shows in China in the following websites:
  • Y – Banking & Communication in China
  • Banking: All the Chinese banks are under the government of China and are interlinked with each other. They are fully computerized. It is very easy to change the currency from any bank counter in China.

    Communication: You may avail prepaid mobile services by buying cash cards from the two major mobile phone operators in China. They are China Mobile and China Unicom.

  • Z – Setting up business in China
  • If you are planning to setup business or open a company in China we will provide you full support in setting up your business in China from location to information about setting up business in China.